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General Terms and Conditions of Provision of Legal Services


These General Terms and Conditions of Provision of Legal Services constitute an integral part of the contract with client (Contract with Client) entered into by and between Hutauruk Mirdiyan Roem And Partners Attorney at Law (Firm) and client (Client) and apply to the provision of legal services by the Firm, unless agreed otherwise. In the event of differences between the General Terms and Conditions and the Contract with Client, the Contract with Client shall prevail.

Publication: 24.03.2024
Effective from: 24.03.2024


  1. The Firm shall provide the Client with legal services consisting of professional legal counselling, representation or defence of the person in court, during pre-trial procedure or elsewhere, and preparation of documents for the person and performing other legal acts in the interests of the person.

  2. In performing the Contract for Legal Services and the assignments, in applying his or her experience and in finding solutions the attorney shall be guided by the objective to ensure the maximum legal protection of the Client’s interests, including to create legal certainty and clarity, and shall be guided by law and professional ethics.

  3. The intellectual property rights created within the framework of legal services provided by the Firm belong to the Firm and the Firm shall grant the Client a non-exclusive licence for the use of the created documents worldwide in a manner necessary for the Client.

  4. The Firm shall ensure the quality of the legal service provided to the Client and shall be liable for only the direct patrimonial damage caused to the Client through intent or gross negligence during the performance of the Contract for Legal Services.

  5. The attorneys of the Firm shall apply due diligence measures with regard to the Client, its representatives, actual beneficiaries, transactions and business partners to the extent established in the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Laws and by the Indonesian Bar Association and/or authorised and related the Government Body.


  1. The authorisation and liability to act on behalf of the Client shall come into force at the moment of conclusion of the Contract for Legal Services. The Contract for Legal Services is deemed concluded if it has been signed or if the intent of the parties has been explicitly expressed in a format which can be reproduced in writing or by actions.

  2. In order to replace the attorney performing the assignment, the Firm shall appoint one of its attorneys as a substitute attorney. The Client is entitled to demand replacement of the substitute attorney.

  3. The assistants to the attorney-at-law act under the guidance of their patron.

  4. The Firm and the attorney shall not conclude transactions on behalf of and on the account of themselves in the interests of or based on the assignment of the Client, if the purpose thereof is to conceal the actual beneficiary owner, circumvent any supervision, tax, reporting and other obligations, or any other purpose contrary to the law.

  5. The Firm is entitled to process the personal data of the Client and third parties relating to the performance of the assignment in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Firm available at Privacy Policy.

  6. The Firm shall identify the Client at the first meeting.


Further provisions of terms and condition will be stipulates on Contract and/or Engagement Letter between the Client and the Firm.

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