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Financial Sector Omnibus Law

Law No. 4/2023 is drafted through the Omnibus Law method, for which the Government and DPR amend various law into one comprehensive law. Law No. 4/2023 amends the 17 (seventeen) laws concerning the financial sector.

This Legal Insight discusses various legal aspects of amendments of Law No. 4/2023 that are interesting to be discussed in relation to the business matters in the financial sector, such as amendments towards sectors such as banking, cooperatives, as well as amendments on provisions concerning bankruptcy on certain Financial Service Institutions .

You may download the full article (Bahasa & English versions) on the following link.

Bahasa Version

LIP P2SK (Bahasa) 2023
Download PDF • 9.34MB

English Version

LIP P2SK (English) 2023
Download PDF • 9.33MB

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