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YouTube Content As Debt Collateral To Obtain Financing From Bank and Non-Bank Institutions

Law Number 24 of 2019 on Creative Economy (“Law No. 24/2019”) jo. Government of Indonesia Regulation Number 24 of 2022 on Creative Economy (“GoI Reg. No. 24/2022”) has regulated that Intellectual Property can be used as debt collateral object by Creative Economy Actors to submit a financing to bank financial institutions or non-bank financial institutions.

This Legal Insight discusses the effectiveness of Government support through a specific regulatory framework for Creative Economy Actors, to be able to make YouTube content as debt collateral object to bank and non-bank institutions to obtain financing.

You may download the full article (Bahasa & English versions) on the following link.

Bahasa Version

LIP Konten YouTube - Bahasa
Download PDF • 5.69MB

English Version

LIP YouTube Content - English
Download PDF • 5.69MB


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